JulieAnne Designs
"We Design Homes for the Family"
JulieAnne Designs was founded with the concept that most buyers are sophisticated consumers who have watched their fair share of HGTV and have a better sense of value and quality. We design for the mindset of the buyer today and understand who they are and how they live. The "New Economy" consumer demands specific attention.
We believe that every house should reflect the personality of its owners and welcome guests. Our objective is to create an environment that promotes good health, positive energy and happiness. Every homeowner has the right to achieve the American Dream.
My Story - Julieanne Schneider:

The decision to go into real estate was driven by a desire to get out of corporate America and become an entrepreneur. As the youngest daughter of an artist and antique dealer Julieanne's love for color and design started at an early age, growing up in Traverse City, Michigan. "I fell in love with the Fall colors in Traverse City every year which were extraordinary. I gravitate to the warmer colors since a home should feel cozy. The warmer colors work well with wood colors as well. But every home has a different 'feel.' When I can I'll use a dramatic color for accent, like the front door." Julieanne was also influenced by her experience in retail as a regional manager for a specialty children's apparel company in California and as a manager at Pottery Barn in Chicago.
Julieanne's other passions are taking care of her weimaraner dog (see picture) while raising two children with her husband, Dave in Elmhurst, IL.

Our Values:

JulieAnne Designs believes the family is most important. Family values may be defined differently for each family. For my family each of us is responsible for establishing a balance between work, play and love. When we lack balance between these tasks our lives become stressful, overwhelming and unsatisfying. Spending time together and building memories are what bond families. Children hold positive memories forever and will pass these ideals on to their own children in the future.
In everything we do we consider whether our end result is "family functional" and serves the needs of work, play and love. We have fond memories of growing up with pizza night, movie night, birthday and graduation parties, and of course, holidays. We wish the same for our customers. Each home is designed for the family and is an expression of the personality/life style of its owners.

Why We Do What We Do:

People often ask why we love to work in the remodeling industry. We love to create new and exciting living spaces. We re-design homes where "memories are made" for families and children. Whether we are designing a great room for family get-togethers or a home for a multi-generation household we want our customers to be thrilled with the end product. We know life gets tough sometimes. We have been there ourselves. Having the support of a loving family gives us the ability to pick ourselves up and overcome life's obstacles. The home is our oasis where work-play-love begins.
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